Bua Noi (gorilla)

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Bua Noi at Pata Zoo
Bua Noi at Pata Zoo

The only gorilla in Thailand, Bua Noi was trafficked to Pata Zoo in Bangkok from Equatorial Guinea in 1987. Pata zoo is located on the sixth and seventh floors of a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Her enclosure is surrounded by concrete, bars and thick glass, with only a few ropes and car tire for enrichment.

Animal rights activists and celebrities, including pop icon Cher, have campaigned for Bua Noi to be resettled in a dignified environment for her remaining years.[1]

However, The Thai Environment Ministry said the gorilla’s owners wanted 30 million Thai baht (£739,666) for her release in autumn. The zoo denied the money request on its Facebook page.[1]

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