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On August 8, 1970, around 80 orcas from the Southern Resident population were captured as part of the infamous Penn Cove captures. Out of the captured orcas 7 are taken and sold to marine parks.

Former diver John Crowe, who appears in the documentary Blackfish, was part of the capture team at the time. He told of how, when the captures were over, there were several dead orcas in the nets. He and two other crew members were then ordered to cut the orcas open, fill their bellies with rocks, tie anchors to their tails and sink them.

When the bodies of some of the orcas washed ashore some months later, there was a huge public outcry of people concerned with the welfare of the animals as well as the impact of captures on wild orcas.

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Beluga Whales with the Alaska Wildlife Alliance

In this episode of the Wild for Change podcast, Teresa Becher and Mandy Migura from the Alaska Wildlife Alliance discuss the endangered beluga whales living in the Cook Inlet. Teresa is the beluga whale monetary coordinator, responsible for coordinating monitoring sessions and being an expert on beluga whale behavior in the area. Mandy is the deputy director and Marine program officer for Alaska Wildlife Alliance, and she coordinates a group of nonprofits advocating for the recovery of the beluga whales. They discuss the decline in the beluga whale population and the major threats they face.

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Delve into a treasure trove of information about elephants on the Elephant Portal. From their behavior to their intricate social structures, this portal offers a comprehensive insight into the world of elephants. Discover the latest updates on elephant conservation efforts worldwide, shedding light on initiatives aimed at protecting these magnificent creatures.

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Paradoxical frog
  • The great white shark can have up to 300 teeth at anyone time arranged in 7 rows in its mouth.
  • The lemon shark gives birth to live young. Babies swim away quickly to avoid being eaten.
  • Fish make up almost half of all vertebrates.
  • When a hag fish feels threatened it releases slime from pores making it difficult to catch.
  • The sailfish can swim at speeds up to 110 km/h (68 mph).

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Protecting and connecting landscapes stabilizes populations of the Endangered savannah elephant (research)
Savannah elephants
Savannah elephants

Protecting and connecting landscapes stabilizes populations of the Endangered savannah elephant is a research article published in Science Advances in January 2024. The article discusses the importance of protecting and connecting landscapes for the conservation of the Endangered savannah elephant.

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