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Mission - a digital sanctuary to unite kindred spirits in the pursuit of a noble cause!

WikiAnimal's mission is to ignite and foster a global community of people passionate about animals, providing comprehensive and reliable information to educate, inspire, and advocate for the well-being and conservation of all species.

Why Your Role is Vital at WikiAnimal

WikiAnimal facilitates collaborative knowledge-building, creating a comprehensive resource. Your unique skills and contributions will enrich its content, ensuring diverse perspectives and enhancing accuracy. Shared ownership fosters community engagement, empowerment, and global accessibility. Your participation will promote continuous improvement, educational value, and the promotion of openness, leaving a lasting legacy of collective knowledge for future generations.

Every edit, every fact, every narrative you share will contribute to educating and enlightening visitors about the animal kingdom and the challenges it faces. Remember, education is the catalyst for transformation—every word counts, every sentence resonates, every page can make a difference.

Why is WikiAnimal different?

WikiAnimal differs from Wikipedia due to its broader content scope, including news, podcasts, videos, blogs, events, research article summaries, and reports about animals. While both use the same MediaWiki software, WikiAnimal is not solely an encyclopedia about animals and encourages a wider range of content types, fostering engagement and exploration. Unlike Wikipedia's focus on detailed information and stricter rules, WikiAnimal empowers you to create original thought content, such as news, blogs, quizzes and podcasts.


WikiAnimal will serve as an extensive educational hub for students, researchers, and enthusiasts keen on understanding animals and their challenges. Users can access detailed information categorized by species, location, and relevant topics, fostering a comprehensive comprehension.

For instance:

  • Species portals: Exploring the Elephant Portal unveils facts, articles, news, research insights, interviews, and videos on elephants.
  • Location portals: Visiting the Timbuktu Portal offers access to articles and local news concerning the fauna of the region.
  • Topic portals: The Animal Law Portal provides comprehensive information on legislation, regulations, and legal precedents related to animal law globally and regionally.


  • Collaboration: Working together towards common goals, leveraging the strengths and expertise of all involved parties.
  • Inclusivity: Ensuring that everyone's perspectives, backgrounds, and contributions are valued and respected.
  • Empowerment: Providing individuals with the tools, resources, and support they need to make meaningful contributions and achieve their potential.
  • Innovation: Encouraging creativity and the exploration of new ideas and approaches to problem-solving. If you have a good idea and it can be done… Let’s try it out!
  • Respect: Treating others with dignity, empathy, and consideration, regardless of differences in opinion or background.


WikiAnimal believes that education and awareness are key to promoting understanding and respect for animals. Through collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, the WikiAnimal community strives to be the leading online destination for animal enthusiasts, researchers, educators, and advocates, working together to create a world where humans and non-human animals thrive more harmoniously.

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