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Marvelous Manatees: Gentle Giants of the Sea (video)


Marvelous Manatees: Gentle Giants of the Sea tells the story of Hamilton, a West Indian manatee living in Florida’s waters. It highlights the challenges manatees face, including their mating rituals, the dangers of boat propellers, and the threat of toxic algae. The video also showcases the efforts of conservationists to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned manatees like Hamilton, emphasising the delicate balance between human activities and wildlife conservation.


  1. Hamilton’s Habitat [00:00:09]
    • Lives in Florida’s West Coast
    • Commutes between the Gulf of Mexico and inland rivers
    • Survival in this paradise is not easy
  2. Manatee Mating Rituals [00:03:06]
    • Males compete for female attention in slow motion
    • Mating can last hours and requires skill
    • Pregnancy lasts up to 14 months
  3. Dangers in the Waters [00:28:32]
    • Manatees are vulnerable to boat propellers
    • Hamilton’s mother dies, leaving him orphaned
    • Hamilton faces challenges of survival alone
  4. Conservation Efforts [00:33:21]
    • Volunteer rescuers monitor and aid manatees
    • Hamilton is rescued and rehabilitated
    • Released back into the wild with a tracking device
  5. Environmental Threats [00:49:05]
    • Toxic algae pose a lethal threat to manatees
    • Many succumb to the algae each year
    • Hamilton’s fate remains uncertain after release

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