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Under the Skin (report)

Under the Skin is a report published by The Donkey Sanctuary in January 2017. It examines the emerging trade in donkey skins and its implications for donkey welfare and livelihoods. The report reveals the shocking scale and impact of the global demand for donkey skins, which are used to produce a traditional Chinese medicine called ejiao.

  • Background: The report provides an overview of the role of donkeys as working and production animals, and the historical and current uses of donkey products such as meat, milk and skins. It also explains the market for ejiao, its production, health claims and popularity in China and beyond.
  • Impact on donkeys: The report documents the widespread reports of poor animal welfare, theft and fraud associated with the donkey-skin trade. It also highlights the challenges and risks of the trade for donkey populations, owners, traders and consumers. It covers the impact of the trade in different regions of the world, such as Africa, Asia, America and Europe.
  • Conclusions and recommendations: The report concludes that the trade in donkey skins poses a serious threat to the welfare of donkeys and the livelihoods of people who depend on them. It calls for urgent action to curb the trade, in the interest of both animal and human welfare. It also outlines the way forward for The Donkey Sanctuary and its partners to address the issue through research, advocacy, education and collaboration.

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