April - orca

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SpeciesOrcinus orca
BornApril 7, 2004
Marineland Canada
DiedApril / May 2004
Marineland Canada
Cause of deathMalnutrition
Parent(s)♀Nootka V ♂Kandu VII
OriginCaptive born
Age at death< 1 month

On April 7, 2004, Icelandic female Nootka V gave birth to her sixth calf, a female sired by Kandu VII, at Marineland Canada.

Not much is known about her, but it is believed that the calf was nicknamed April. However, she reportedly had trouble nursing properly from Nootka V.

Sometime in April or May of 2004, April died due to malnutrition at less than a month old.

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