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Petition to ban trophy hunting of endangered species

They need US and WE need them.

Endangered species need US and WE need them.  

Leaders, NGOs, business leaders, and members of civil society from nearly 200 countries are attending the United Nation’s 28th Conference of Parties to discuss and formulate concrete plans to phase out fossil fuels due to an acceleration of rising temperatures of the planet and related climate change and focus on renewable energy.

What does COP28 have to do with trophy hunting of endangered species you may ask?  

As the United Nations Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported we have a decade left to help turn back the clock on preventing even larger-scale climate disasters and rewilding of endangered species like the elephant and wolf can help maintain the equilibrium and biodiversity of ecosystems, which results in a healthier planet for you and me (1), (2).

The continued allowance of trophy hunting of endangered species undermines the many facets of maintaining biodiversity around the globe.

According to an article published in the Nature Climate Change journal; “Rewilding nine wildlife species (African forest elephants, American bison, fish, gray wolves, musk oxen, sea otters, sharks, whales, and wildebeest) would contribute more than 95% of the annual requirement to achieve the global target of extracting 500 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2100.  This in turn would help cap the global temperature rise at less than 1.5 degree Celsius.  If these endangered species are protected, their presence in their ecosystems can help mitigate climate change.

Endangered keystone species are a part of the blueprint to help keep our ecosystems balanced and intact.  Saving them is a simple solution to help save our planet because humans benefit from healthy ecosystems as ecosystems provide us with healthy water and oxygen, and sequester carbon.  

We need our world leaders and decision-makers to stand firm in making decisions that will provide long-term solutions to supporting the health of this planet for us and the 8.7 million other species that also call Earth home.  This includes endangered wildlife that do not have a voice.  At this critical time, we ARE their voice to ensure there is a viable future for them, which in the long run their presence provides us with a viable future.  

Please take a moment to sign and share the petition found in this blog to call on the United States government to take a stand for endangered wildlife;


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