Canuck - orca

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Sex: Male

Pod: Southern Residents (J pod)

Place of capture: Carr Inlet, Washington State

Date of capture: March 12, 1972

Age at capture: Approx. 2 years

On March 12, 1972, a large group of orcas were captured off Carr Inlet in Washington State waters. Canuck, also known as J-24, was believed to be the grandson of the (approx.) 103 year old matriarch of J pod, J-2 Granny.

Not long after his capture, Canuck was purchased by SeaWorld San Diego but was transferred to SeaWorld Aurora due to the limited tank space at the San Diego park. He was also the first orca to be transferred to SeaWorld Orlando, where it was possible he met Kandu III.

On December 1, 1974, Canuck died during a show due to a fungal infection known as candidiasis.