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Entanglement is a major threat to cetaceans worldwide. It occurs when whales, dolphins, and porpoises get entangled in commercial fishing and aquaculture gear (both active and derelict).

2023 Entanglements

Date Animal Location Country Details
Aug 12 Humpback whale Cape Cod Bay USA The Center for Coastal Studies Marine Animal Entanglement Response Team successfully rescued a humpback whale named Pinball from a dangerous fishing line entanglement in Cape Cod Bay. [1]
Aug 9 Humpback whale Fremantle Australia An estimated 10-metre-long humpback whale was reported to be entangled off the coast of Fremantle, south of Perth. [2]
Jul 17 Humpback whale Broome Australia An 11-metre humpback whale was freed from pearling lines after being stuck for three days off the Kimberley coast in Western Australia. [3]
Jul 15 Humpback whale Broome Australia The whale was first seen by members of the public on Saturday afternoon with a long rope and a white float wrapped around its tail12. A team from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions tried to help the whale but failed to disentangle it or attach a satellite tag before nightfall [4]
Jul 5 Humpback whale Marcoola Beach Australia Freed. [5]
Jul 5 Humpback whale Kirra Beach Australia Freed. [5]

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