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Eat, Poop, Die: How Animals Make Our World is a non-fiction book by Joe Roman, a professor at the University of Vermont, published by Little, Brown and Company in November 2023. The book explores how the biological activities of animals, such as eating, defecating, and dying, affect the ecosystems and the global climate. The book covers various topics, such as:

  • Whale falls and deep-sea life: How the carcasses of whales provide nutrients and habitats for diverse organisms in the ocean depths.[1]
  • Bird migrations and nutrient cycles: How the movements of birds across continents and oceans transport essential elements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, to different ecosystems.[1]
  • Insect decomposition and soil health: How the breakdown of organic matter by insects and other decomposers enriches the soil and supports plant growth.[1]
  • Animal conservation and climate change: How the protection and restoration of animal populations can help mitigate the effects of global warming and enhance the resilience of ecosystems.[1]

The book is based on scientific research and personal observations by the author, who has traveled to various locations around the world to study the interactions between animals and their environments. The book also offers suggestions on how humans can learn from and cooperate with animals to address the environmental challenges facing the planet.

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