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Faunalytics is a non-profit organization that conducts research and provides resources to help animal advocates and organizations. Founded in 2000 by Che Green, Faunalytics was previously known as the Humane Research Council until 2015. The organization has conducted hundreds of studies and provided valuable insights to the animal protection community.

One of the primary goals of Faunalytics is to provide animal advocates with data and insights that they can use to create effective campaigns and strategies for evidence based advocacy. To achieve this, the organization conducts research in a variety of areas, including public opinion, animal protection, and animal behavior. The research is often conducted in partnership with other organizations, including universities, animal protection groups, and academic researchers.

Faunalytics also provides resources and tools to help animal advocates and organizations increase their impact. These resources include research summaries, guides, and webinars, as well as a library of over 5,000 articles, studies, and reports on animal protection issues.

One of Faunalytics' most notable accomplishments is the Animal Tracker Survey[1], which is conducted annually to track changes in public opinion on animal issues. The survey provides valuable insights into how the general public perceives animal issues, which can help animal advocates and organizations tailor their outreach efforts to be more effective. The survey has shown that there is a growing concern for animal welfare among the general public.

Faunalytics has also conducted research on a variety of animal protection issues, including factory farming, animal testing, and animal cruelty.[2] The organization's research has helped shed light on the suffering of animals in these industries, and has provided insights into effective strategies for reducing animal cruelty and promoting animal welfare.

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