Greyhound racing deaths 2023

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Greyhound racing is legal in only seven countries: The U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., Vietnam, and Mexico. This is not necessarily a definitive list. In most countries there is no requirement to report racing deaths making incidents difficult to verify.

List of known greyhounds deaths as a result of racing in 2023

Name Date Country Track State Cause of death Incident Injury
High Profiler Jan 2 Australia Sale VIC Euthanized Incident in the catching pen Right hock fracture [1]
Our Boy Rocky Jan 3 Australia Grafton NSW Euthanized Incident when entering the catching pen Comminuted and compound fracture to the nearside tibia and fibula a [2]
Refreshment Jan 11 Australia Wentworth Park NSW Euthanized Nearside distal compound fracture of the radius and an ulnar fracture [2]
Handsome Alert Jan 14 Australia Richmond Straight Track NSW Euthanized Came together shortly after the start. Came together in the latter stages. Involved in a collision in the catching pen Compound fracture to the offside radius and ulnar and a fracture to the offside wrist [2]
Nicko Ed Jan 19 Australia Shepparton VIC Euthanized Severely checked approaching the home turn and pulled up as a result Fractured right femur [2]
Peter Pan Jan 21 Australia The Gardens NSW Euthanized Checked by a runner shifting wide entering the back straight. Compound fracture to the off side fore leg [2]
Invictus Stella Jan 27 Australia Healesville VIC Euthanized [2]
Major Bandit Jan 27 Australia Bendigo VIC Euthanized Severely checked approaching the home turn Right humerus fracture [2]
Poppy's Pride Jan 28 Australia The Meadows VIC Euthanized Checked, contacted the rail and fell heavily turning out of the home straight Fractured radius/ulna [2]
Hot Fudge Jan 29 Australia Warragul VIC Euthanized Collided on the home turn and fell Left foreleg radius fracture [2]
Orson Katie Feb 2 Australia Angle Park SA Euthanized Lost ground appearing injured and as a result dropped back checking Cardiovascular haemorrhage [2]
Cupidity Feb 3 Australia Richmond NSW Euthanized Came together entering the turn from the back straight and fell Compound fracture of left Radius & Ulna [2]
Cheeky Willow Feb 3 Australia Ipswich QLD Euthanized Bumped in the 1st turn. Tightened for racing room approaching the turn into the back straight. Checked rounding the turn into the back straight Offside shoulder and foreleg injury [2]
Chicago Reign Feb 7 Australia Casino NSW Euthanized Came together heavily on several occasions with an inside runner that had marred it. As a result, was unbalanced, went amiss catastrophic fracture of the nearside femur. Unstable, likely comminuted and accompanying massive haemorrhage and soft tissue damage [2]
Sonny Daze Feb 8 Australia Traralgon VIC Euthanized [2]
Far From Shy Feb 12 Australia Bulli NSW Euthanized Galloped on by another runner in the later stages of the first turn losing significant momentum and coming to a halt shortly afterwards Unknown [2]
Garside Feb 13 Australia Shepparton VIC Euthanized Severely checked on the first turn, faltered and pulled up as a result Fractured left radius and ulna [2]
Audrey Zola Feb 27 Australia Bundaberg QLD Euthanized Fell and was galloped upon Catastrophic offside leg injury [3]
Black Roses Feb 28 Australia Launceston TAS Euthanized Collision, first turn, break down Fractured right hock [2]
Keep It Short Mar 2 Australia Maitland NSW Euthanized Collisions, first turn, break down Compound and spiral fracture of the off side hind leg [2]
Kingsbrae Flow Mar 3 Australia Taree NSW Euthanized Collisions, first turn, fall Compound fracture of the offside wrist [2]
Ten Dollar Slaps Mar 7 Australia Horsham VIC Injury Collision, first turn, fall, hit rail Spinal fracture and fractures to both front legs [2]
Mobile Doll May Mar 10 Australia Goulburn NSW Euthanized Collision, home turn, fall Compound fracture to the near-side radius and

complete dislocation of the near-side wrist

Pauline Keeping Mar 15 Australia Cannington WA Euthanized Ccollision, post-race Open fracture to the R radius/ulna [2]
Max Nipper Mar 23 Australia Warragul VIC Injury Collapsed outside the catching pen [2]

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