Headlines:Shocking Footage Reveals Harrowing Conditions at UK 'megafarm'

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Shocking Footage Reveals Harrowing Conditions at UK 'megafarm'

Bedfordshire, August 22, 2023 – Animal Justice Project, a leading animal protection organization, has unveiled distressing video evidence from an investigation spanning five months between late 2022 and early 2023 at 'Sunny Farm,' a large-scale egg production facility in East Anglia.

The investigation exposed deplorable conditions at Bird Bros Ltd's Sunny Farm, Pertenhall Road, Swineshead, Bedfordshire MK44 2SU, where hens were confined in overcrowded wire mesh cages, suffering from severe feather loss, distress, and neglect. The footage depicted dead and decomposing hens, alongside instances of harsh treatment by workers, including slamming birds into cages and using shovels against them.

Owned by Bird Bros and a supplier to Lidl, the farm housed over half a million hens in colony cages, raising concerns about hygiene and animal welfare. The investigation raises questions about the effectiveness of the 'Lion Code of Practice,' which claims to adhere to high standards but revealed shocking disparities in reality.

Animal Justice Project emphasized the need for government intervention to ban hen cages, backed by over 100,000 petition signatures. Although major supermarkets pledged to eliminate caged eggs from their supply chains by 2025, estimates suggest millions of hens might still endure such conditions.

The investigation used hidden cameras and undercover personnel to capture the distressing conditions faced by the hens, prompting strong condemnation from veterinarian Dr. Andrew Knight for their inhumane treatment.

The released footage illustrates the stark contrast between welfare claims and the suffering endured by hens, urging consumers to consider the ethical implications of their choices. The organization's efforts aim to shed light on the egg industry as a whole, unveiling a reality that contradicts industry claims of animal welfare.

While the European Union plans to phase out cages by 2027, the UK remains undecided. Animal Justice Project calls for legislative alignment with the EU's intentions and restrictions on imports from caged systems. The organization further criticizes supermarkets for not translating welfare claims into effective action.

The video evidence underscores the immense suffering of hens in caged environments, challenging claims of enriched conditions, and igniting conversations about animal welfare reforms within the industry.

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