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Rescue Spot with Nicole Patrick

Rescue Spot, a technology-driven platform founded by actress-turned-social-entrepreneur Nicole Patrick, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the pet adoption process. In an interview on The Rising Lioness podcast hosted by Erica Salvemini, Nicole discusses her journey from Hollywood to animal welfare. Nicole's non-profit, Chic Chien Chateau, focuses on relocating pets from impoverished areas to affluent ones, saving dogs with life-threatening illnesses.

The interview delves into Rescue Spot's development and its impact on streamlining adoption for both adopters and rescue organizations. The foster-based approach of Chic Chien Chateau is emphasized for understanding a dog's true nature and facilitating successful adoptions. Nicole shares heartwarming stories from the platform's impactful work, and the conversation concludes with advice on promoting animal adoption over buying from stores and breeders.



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