Interview:Saving the Tule Elk with Jack Gescheidt

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Saving the Tule Elk with Jack Gescheidt
Saving the Tule Elk with Jack Gescheidt

Staci-lee talks with Jack Gescheidt about the tule elk trying to survive in California.

Why are the rare tule elk being imprisoned inside a National Park when they could be freed? Did you know that a small group of rare native wild elk are being fenced in and pushed to the brink of extinction so dairy cows can graze unfettered in a national park? Many people are surprised to learn how our public lands, that we pay for, are being abused, exploited and contaminated for private industry.  Listen and learn what is happening to these elk trying to survive in California. Click the links below for more information on this important and urgent crisis and how you can help save these animals. 

The elk face challenges due to the presence of dairy ranchers, who were not supposed to be in the national park. The ranchers' activities have impacted the elk's survival and the park's ecosystem. The elk are fenced into a small area, preventing them from accessing sufficient food and water during droughts, leading to suffering and death. There are two lawsuits against the federal government, including the Department of the Interior, addressing the issue. Approximately 500 elk are currently living in the park, spread across three herds.

Anyone can get involved you do not need to be a California resident.


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