Interview:Shark Conservation with Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich

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Shark Conservation with Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich

Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich, a transdisciplinary human-shark researcher and artist, shares his insights and experiences regarding shark conservation, human-shark conflict, and multispecies ethnography.



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  • Transition from Art to Science: Having initially pursued art, Dr. Aich shifted his focus to psychology and shark research before returning to art with newfound purpose. He advocates for the integration of art into conservation efforts, recognizing its potential to evoke emotions and foster connections with nature.
  • Media and Cultural Influences: Dr. Aich explores the impact of media and culture on shark perception, drawing comparisons between movies featuring whales and sharks. He highlights art's ability to evoke emotions and sensations, emphasizing its role in reconnecting humanity with its natural roots.
  • Transdisciplinary Approach: Dr. Aich emphasizes the importance of a transdisciplinary approach to human-shark research, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute their expertise. He aims to create a world where humans and sharks can coexist harmoniously.
  • Advice for Advocates: Quoting Dostoyevsky and Hitchens on beauty and love, Dr. Aich urges scientists to consider emotions as valuable data. He encourages individuals to share their appreciation for the beauty and love inherent in sharks and oceans, fostering greater understanding and conservation efforts.

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