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White Bison Association

White bison are incredibly rare.
White bison are incredibly rare.

Erica Salvemini and Jeff Harrison talk with Cynthia Hart-Button, founder of The White Bison Association.

Jun 13, 2023.

Cynthia Hart-Button is a descendant of Sitting Bull and a member of the Lakota tribe. Her deep connection and love for animals were influenced by her father, who cared for sick wildlife and abused circus animals. After her father's passing, she embarked on a mission to care for and protect the white bison. Cynthia and her husband, Charles, run a non-profit, no-kill sanctuary for the white bison. The White Bison Association's mission is to raise awareness about the conservation and protection of the white bison, which holds great significance as a symbol of peace for Native American nations. White bison are incredibly rare. The white bison in their herd demonstrate unique behaviors, including engaging in ceremonial dances. These sacred animals serve as spiritual guides and teachers, offering lessons in peace, prayer, ceremony, honor, integrity, and unconditional love.


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