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Wildlands Network with Ron Sutherland

Wildlands Network's Chief Scientist, Ron Sutherland, discusses the importance of rewilding efforts and their vision of continental wildways to promote wildlife conservation in North America. Rewilding, a concept rooted in letting nature reclaim its territory, emphasizes the need to reintroduce keystone species to restore ecological balance. Ron explains how rewilding helps to manage ecosystems more efficiently and highlights the case of Yellowstone's wolf reintroduction, which led to a cascade of positive ecological effects.

The concept of continental wildways involves creating extensive wildlife corridors to connect natural areas, enhancing biodiversity and promoting species migration, especially in the face of climate change. Ron Sutherland emphasizes the importance of partnerships with land trusts and conservation organizations to establish these corridors and protect critical habitats. He cites specific examples like the Eastern Wildway, Rocky Mountain Wildway, and Pacific Wildway, each tailored to the unique needs of the region and its wildlife. The wildway approach is not only beneficial for wildlife but also aids in climate change adaptation by facilitating species' movement northward as temperatures rise. Wildlands Network collaborates with various organizations to implement these corridors and make progress on the ground, marking significant strides in conservation efforts.


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