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Joey Carbstrong
Joey Carbstrong

Joey Carbstrong is a vegan activist, public speaker, and YouTuber from Australia. He is known for his passionate advocacy for animal rights, and his engaging and thought-provoking discussions about veganism. Carbstrong has gained a significant following on social media for his effective advocacy work, and has been interviewed by numerous media outlets.

Carbstrong became a vegan in 2013 and has since dedicated his life to animal rights activism. He began by taking to the streets with leaflets and posters, engaging in discussions with passers-by about veganism. Carbstrong quickly gained a reputation for his persuasive and passionate advocacy, and his social media following grew rapidly.

In addition to his street activism, Carbstrong has also given talks and lectures about veganism, and has been invited to speak at universities, conferences, and other events. He is also a regular guest on TV and radio shows, where he discusses the ethical implications of consuming animal products and advocates for a vegan lifestyle.

Carbstrong has been involved in a number of high-profile campaigns, including his work to raise awareness about the treatment of animals in the dairy industry.

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