Kandu - orca

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Sex: Female

Pod: Southern Residents (K pod)

Location of capture: Yukon Harbor, Washington State

Date of capture: 15th February 1967

Age at capture: Approx 1

Date of death: 3rd February 1971

Location of death: SeaWorld San Diego or SeaWorld Aurora

Cause of death: Pneumonia and Liver Necrosis

Captured along with 4 other K pod members, Kandu was held at the Seattle Marine Aquarium until 1969 when she was moved to SeaWorld San Diego. There, she joined 3 of her former pod members who had been transported to the park after their capture in 1967, where all 4 orcas shared a very small tank.

During the summer opening at SeaWorld Aurora in Ohio, Kandu joined another orca named Kilroy. The two performed together until the winter when she was transported back to SeaWorld San Diego.

In 1971, a new tank was built at SeaWorld San Diego and all of the whales were moved there. However, Kandu died of pneumonia and liver necrosis on February 3, 1971. It is unknown whether Kandu died at SeaWorld Aurora or at the San Diego park.

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