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Le Le
Le Le at Memphis Zoo. Photo: Panda Voices
Le Le at Memphis Zoo. Photo: Panda Voices
SpeciesGiant panda
BornJul 18, 1998
DiedFeb 1, 2023 (Aged 24)
Memphis Zoo, USA
Cause of deathCardiovascular disease

Le Le was a male giant panda who was on loan for 20 years from the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens to Memphis Zoo, USA. Le Le was captive at the zoo for 20 years and, under the loan agreement, was due to be returned to China on the 7th April 2023. Ya Ya, who was also captive at Memphis Zoo, was due to be returned to China under the same loan agreement as China requires foreign zoos that host pandas on loan to allow older animals to spend their final days on Chinese soil.

Panda Voices and In Defense of Animals, who campaigned for the release of Le Le and Ya Ya, raised concerns over the wellbeing of both pandas including:

  • Insufficient bamboo
  • Malnourishment
  • Excessive Caging Time (10+hours)
  • Stereotypical Behavior
  • Distressed Mental Health
  • Skin Mite Disease
  • Dental Problems

Panda Voices and In Defense of Animals made several recommendations to improve conditions for the Le Le and Ya Ya but these were reportedly not considered by Memphis Zoo.

On February 1, 2023 Panda Voices tweeted after watching the Memphis Zoo Panda Cam (offline as of February 2023).

The zoo was closed to the public on Jan 31 8AM after sitting still for a long time #LeLe looked around him n find nothing palatable. He fell to the floor, slept for 2h 2PM keeper got off the work. Le's drowsiness continued Now it's 10AM Feb 1 @MemphisZoo where’s Le? Is he fine? [1]

On February 3 Memphis Zoo announced LeLe had died on February 1.

On February 3, Memphis Zoo announced that LeLe had passed away on February 1. We were aghast with their statements during the press conference that took place. When asked about LeLe’s recent health, they shockingly said, “We saw no indication that would lead us to believe there is anything wrong with LeLe.” Only the most unobservant or untruthful could make this claim with a straight face. When journalists asked about the concerns raised by In Defense of Animals and Panda Voices about LeLe’s recent lack of appetite, weakness, and his filmed collapse, they had the nerve to claim that LeLe “was just being silly,” “he acts dramatically,” and “he was simply lying down on that video” A few days later, according to them, LeLe “suddenly” died (as if his frightening collapse didn’t indicate anything wrong!).[2]

The Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens stated that the initial autopsy results indicated that the primary cause of death was cardiovascular disease.[3]

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