Lucy (elephant)

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SpeciesAsian elephant
BornApprox 1976
Sri Lanka
Captive atEdmonton Valley Zoo, Canada
Captured atSri Lanka
Capture age2 years
Capture date1977

Lucy is a 47-year-old Asian elephant who lives at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Canada. She was captured at the age of two from the tropical forests of Sri Lanka and has been living at the zoo since 1977.[1]

Health concerns

Lucy’s health has been a topic of concern. She is now breathing solely through her mouth due to a narrowing of the nasal passage, a condition first reported in 2009.[citation needed] Her breathing problems have worsened over time, leading to very severe hypoxemia and hypercapnia — low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels in her blood and tissues. The root cause of this condition remains undiagnosed.

In addition to her respiratory issues, Lucy also has a large uterine tumor (leiomyoma), which is common in female elephants who have never given birth. This tumor is being treated with a vaccine recommended by the visiting veterinarian.[citation needed]

Lucy also has arthritis.


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