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Elephant Portal

Welcome to the Elephant Portal!

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Red elephant in Tsavo East National Park
Featured image: Red elephant in Tsavo East National Park
Delve into a treasure trove of information about elephants on the Elephant Portal. From their behavior to their intricate social structures, this portal offers a comprehensive insight into the world of elephants.

Discover the latest updates on elephant conservation efforts worldwide, shedding light on initiatives aimed at protecting these magnificent creatures.

Engage with educational resources that explore the biology, ecology, and behavior of elephants, providing a deeper understanding of their role in ecosystems.

Stay informed about groundbreaking research advancements, uncovering fascinating discoveries about elephant communication, intelligence, and emotional capabilities. Immerse yourself in a visual journey through mesmerising videos capturing the beauty and grace of elephants in their natural habitats.

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Elephant facts

  • Elephants have hearing range between 1 and 20,000 Hz. The very low frequency sounds are in the "infrasound" range. Humans cannot hear sounds in the infrasound range.

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