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Marine Mammal Commission
Marine Mammal Commission

The Marine Mammal Commission is an independent government agency in the United States that is responsible for the conservation of marine mammals and their environment. The Commission was established by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, and its mission is to provide science-based oversight of domestic and international policies and actions of federal agencies that affect marine mammals and their ecosystems.

The Commission consists of three Commissioners appointed by the President, a nine-member Committee of Scientific Advisors, and 14 staff members. The Commission conducts various activities to fulfil its duties, such as reviewing permits and regulations, consulting with other agencies, funding research projects, holding public meetings and symposia, and issuing annual reports and recommendations.

International co-operation

The Marine Mammal Commission works with other countries through various international agreements and organisations that aim to protect and conserve marine mammals and their habitats. For example, the Commission participates in the International Whaling Commission, which regulates the whaling activities of its member countries and conducts scientific research on whale populations and conservation.[1] The Commission also cooperates with the Arctic Council, which is an intergovernmental forum that addresses the environmental and social issues affecting the Arctic region and its inhabitants, including marine mammals.[1] Another example is the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, which is a regional body that promotes the sustainable use and management of cetaceans and pinnipeds in the North Atlantic.[2]

The Marine Mammal Commission supports these and other international efforts by providing scientific advice, funding research projects, and engaging in consultations and negotiations with other countries and stakeholders.

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