Nikita Dhawan

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Nikita Dhawan - Founder of Youth for Animals
Nikita Dhawan - Founder of Youth for Animals

Nikita Dhawan is a high school student at the American Embassy School in New Delhi and is the founder of an animal welfare initiative called Youth for Animals.[1]

Youth for Animals spearhead campaign is to free Shankar, a solitary African elephant at the Delhi Zoo in India, and transfer him to a wildlife refuge or sanctuary.

Nikita has filed a legal petition in the Delhi High Court for Shankar’s freedom. The campaign has been covered by Indian and International media, including BBC[2], ABC News[3], Newsweek[4], and Indian Express[5].

Nikita is a recipient of the Diana Award[6] and the Youth Award from the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization (FIAPO)[7]. Nikita is also a Youth Ambassador for Born Free Foundation[8] and Earthday.Org and a member of IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication (CEC).

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