Sandy - orca

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SpeciesOrcinus orca
Breed100% Southern Resident
DiedOctober 22, 1977
Cause of deathCerebral haemorrhage
Captured atOcean City, Washington State
Capture ageApprox. 6 years
Capture dateMarch 1973

Sandy was a young female orca that was found stranded on the beach in Ocean City, Washington in March 1973. Later known as Sandy, she was rescued and sent to the Seattle Marine Aquarium, but a possible release was not considered.

Just a few months later, she was joined by another orca; a male known as Frankie. In October 1973, both orcas were purchased by SeaWorld San Diego. She met at least 9 other orcas before being transferred with Ramu in 1975 to the new SeaWorld Orlando park.

On October 22, 1977, Sandy died due to a cerebral haemorrhage.

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