Save the Frogs Day

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Save The Frogs Day
Save The Frogs Day

Save the Frogs Day is an annual event on the last Saturday of April dedicated to raising awareness about the conservation of amphibians worldwide. The day was first observed in 2009.

The primary goal of Save the Frogs Day is to raise awareness about the rapidly declining amphibian populations worldwide and to promote conservation efforts to save them from extinction. Amphibians play a crucial role in the ecosystem by regulating insects and other invertebrates. They are also important indicators of environmental health since their permeable skin and dependence on both land and water make them particularly sensitive to changes in their environment.

Save the Frogs Day is organized by the non-profit organization, Save the Frogs!, which was founded in 2008 by Dr. Kerry Kriger, an amphibian biologist. The organization's mission is to protect amphibian populations and promote their conservation through education, scientific research, and advocacy.

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