Skálabotnur dolphin drive slaughter 2021

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The grindadráp
The grindadráp

The Skálabotnur dolphin drive slaughter of 2021 is a tragic event that happened on September 12, 2021 in the Eysturoy region of the Faroe Islands, a Danish territory north of Scotland. After spotting a large pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, locals used motorboats to drive the animals toward Skalabotnur Beach and then killed them with knives.[1] More than 1,400 dolphins were killed in what was believed to be a record hunt.

This event has sparked outrage and criticism from both international conservation groups and locals, including groups involved in the practice.[2]

The hunt was unauthorized and in violation of local laws.[1] The Faroese government promised to review the hunting of dolphins as a result of the outrage.[3] The outcome of this review was that the Faroe Islands has decided to provisionally limit its controversial dolphin hunt to 500 animals for the next two years.[4]

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