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Skana was a female Southern Resident orca who lived at the Vancouver Aquarium. She was one of the first orcas captured for captivity and the second orca owned by the Vancouver Aquarium.

Skana was captured on February 15, 1967, in Yukon Harbor, Washington.[1] She was part of a pod of orcas brought for display at the Vancouver Boat, Trailer, and Sports Travel Show.[2] Among the pod was Skana, a 1,360-kilogram, 4.3-metre-long female.[2] The term Skana is the Haida term for orca.[2] After being captured in Puget Sound, Skana was sold to the Vancouver Aquarium, where she lived out her life.[2]

Skana died on October 5, 1980, from a fungal infection. Her death sparked a global outcry and spurred a global movement in whale conservation.[2]

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