Tula - orca

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  • Sex: Male
  • Pod: N/A
  • Place of capture: Malcolm Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • Date of capture: July 1968
  • Age at capture: Approx. 3 years


In July 1968, a pod of 11 orcas were captured in British Columbia off Malcolm Island. Only a young male was kept, later named Tula, while the remaining 10 whales were released.

A month after his capture, Tula arrived at Dolphinarium Harderwijk. He was the first orca to cross the Atlantic after a 60 hour flight, and the first captive orca in Holland.

Tula died in October 1968 no less than 3 months after his capture. The cause of death was determined to be due to an external fungus and a growth in his heart.

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