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United for Wildlife is an organisation created by Prince William and The Royal Foundation in 2014 to protect endangered species from the illegal wildlife trade. Their mission is to foster cross-sector collaboration to make it impossible for traffickers to transport, finance, or profit from illegal wildlife products.

They bring together private sector organisations with conservation groups and law enforcement agencies to stop the trafficking of wildlife products through their Financial Taskforce, Transport Taskforce and Regional Chapters.

United for Wildlife has been successful in their efforts to combat the illegal wildlife trade. For example, their Southern African Chapter, launched in 2020, has been proactive at stopping and investigating wildlife crime detectable in financial systems. As a result multiple shipments of rhino horn were detected and stopped in December 20211.[1]

Their Illegal Wildlife Trade Financial Taskforce has mobilised over 40 global banks against wildlife trafficking through high-level commitments and actionable intelligence sharing.[2]

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