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Vilab II is a virus-testing laboratory set up in Liberia in 1974 by the New York Blood Centre. Wild chimpanzees were trapped from their forests and housed within this facility.[1] They were subjected to medical experiments and were intentionally infected with hepatitis and other pathogens to help develop a range of vaccines.[1]

By 2005, all research had been terminated and the NYBC had started to make “lifetime care” arrangements for the chimpanzees[1]. Over the next ten years, the chimps were “retired” to a series of small islands in a river estuary.[1] However, in March 2015, the NYBC withdrew its help and financial support, leaving about 85 chimps to fend for themselves.[1] Escape is impossible for the chimps as they are incapable of swimming well, and many are suspected to have likely died from a lack of food and water.[1]

This situation has led to significant controversy and criticism of the NYBC, with animal rights groups vocally opposing the blood bank’s actions.[1] The day-to-day management of the chimps and the experiments were carried out by NYBC and it in no way absolves it from ultimate responsibility.[1]

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