Whale Sanctuary Project

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The Whale Sanctuary Project is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating a seaside sanctuary for whales and dolphins who have been in captivity for most of their lives. Founded in April 2016, the project is focused on giving them a more natural environment that is similar to their wild habitat.

The Whale Sanctuary Project is led by a team of marine biologists, legal, and animal welfare experts who work together to design, build and maintain the sanctuary. The sanctuary is designed to be a place where the whales and dolphins can live in a safe, healthy, and natural environment. The sanctuary will provide ample space, clean water, and a wide range of natural stimuli to the animals, allowing them to thrive in a way that is impossible in captivity.

The Whale Sanctuary Project was created in response to the growing concern over the welfare of whales and dolphins in captivity. These animals are often kept in small, barren tanks that are completely unsuitable for their needs. They are made to perform tricks and stunts for the entertainment of humans, and are denied the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors like swimming long distances and foraging for food.

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