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Featured article

Shankar is an African elephant that was gifted to India by the Zimbabwe government in 1998. He was placed in Delhi zoo along with another elephant named Bombai. However, after Bombai's death in 2005, Shankar has been living in isolation. A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court by Nikita Dhawan, founder of the non-profit Youth For Animals, seeking to send Shankar back to Africa and rehabilitate him in a wildlife sanctuary that houses other African elephants.

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Featured interview

Dr. Cheryl Laite, known as The Maverick Vet, shares a transformative experience on The Wildlife Guardians podcast. She recounts her time with Sudan, the last Northern White Rhino, just before the species became extinct. This encounter changed her perspective on wildlife conservation and life itself.

Cheryl's encounter with Sudan led her to engage in various wildlife rescue and conservation projects, including assisting at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in Africa and aiding in Australia's bushfire crisis. Her dedication even involves extreme actions like skydiving for conservation fundraising. Hosted by Jeff Harrison and Erica Salvemini, this emotionally charged episode of The Wildlife Guardians delves into Cheryl's inspiring journey.

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Featured blog

In a study posted last year, it was found that trophy hunters killed one animal every THREE minutes over the last decade.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported we have a decade left to help turn back the clock on preventing even larger scale climate disasters and rewilding of endangered species like the elephant and wolf can help promote healthier ecosystems which results in a healthier planet for you and me.

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In the news

  • Shortage of Salmon Drives 80% Mortality Rate Among Brown Bear Cubs in Northern Japan
  • Li'i, Companion of Late Orca Lolita, Relocated to San Antonio SeaWorld
  • Over 118,000 Animals Used for Medical Research Killed in Irish Universities Since 2020
  • Commercial Fin Whale Hunting to Resume in Iceland Despite Protests
  • Dolphin Tagging Operation Sparks Outrage in Faroe Islands
  • US government is funding kills of endangered animals, activists say
  • Necropsy Results Awaited for Beloved Orca Lolita's Passing
  • Roadside Zoo Accused of Animal Neglect in South Carolina Settles Lawsuit and Closes

This weeks events

  • 26th Sep: Rivers Day
  • 28th Sep: Kona died at SeaWorld Aurora in Ohio
  • 30th Sep: World Koala Day

Did you know?

Saltwater crocodile
  • The saltwater crocodile can grow up to 6.5 m (21 ft) long.
  • The spitting cobra can propel its venom up to 3 m (10 ft) into the eyes of prey.
  • The big-headed turtles head is so big it cannot pull it inside its shell.
  • Geckos can walk upside down along ceilings with footpads that have hair-like structures that form a sticky pad.
  • The Aldabra giant tortoise can be 1.1m (3½ ft) long and weigh 250kg (550 lb).
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