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World Rhino Day 2023. Photo courtesy of Geranimo via Unsplash

Today is World Rhino Day!  With approximately less than 27,000 rhinos left in the wild, it is imperative to support organizations like Global Conservation Corps and the rangers who are on a mission to provide a future for these keystone species.  The rhinos are a target for poachers and wildlife traffickers for their horn.  The horn (which is made up of the same properties as our nails) is prized by some people as it is assumed to have magical healing properties.  

Approximately three rhinos are killed a day for their horn, some are mothers whose babies are left behind and need to be cared for in orphanages.  This is no way for the rhino to live and for the rangers who leave their families weeks on end to protect the rhino’s right to live in the wild.  Many rangers have lost their lives in order to protect the rhino who now leave behind children without a parent.  

There is no time like the present to help provide a brighter future for the magnificent rhino.  

Visit Global Conservation Corps to learn how they are bridging the gap between the wildlife and communities. You can visit RHINO MAN the movie to learn more about its release date, podcasts and more.  You can also watch the Wild For Change podcast, where I speak with John Jurko II, the lead director and producer of RHINO MAN.

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