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Interview: Wildlands Network with Ron Sutherland

Wildlands Network with Ron Sutherland
Wildlands Network with Ron Sutherland

Wildlands Network's Chief Scientist, Ron Sutherland, discusses the importance of rewilding efforts and their vision of continental wildways.

Wildlands Network's Chief Scientist, Ron Sutherland, discusses the importance of rewilding efforts and their vision of continental wildways to promote wildlife conservation in North America. Rewilding, a concept rooted in letting nature reclaim its territory, emphasizes the need to reintroduce keystone species to restore ecological balance. Ron explains how rewilding helps to manage ecosystems more efficiently and highlights the case of Yellowstone's wolf reintroduction, which led to a cascade of positive ecological effects.

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Blog: World Rhino Day 2023

World Rhino Day
World Rhino Day

Today is World Rhino Day! With approximately less than 27,000 rhinos left in the wild, it is imperative to support organizations like Global Conservation Corps and the rangers who are on a mission to provide a future for these keystone species. The rhinos are a target for poachers and wildlife traffickers for their horn. The horn (which is made up of the same properties as our nails) is prized by some people as it is assumed to have magical healing properties.

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Interview: RHINO MAN The Movie


On a new Wild For Change podcast, we speak with John Jurko II, creative director of Global Conservation Corps and lead producer and director of the film RHINO MAN.

Global Conservation Corps is a non-profit organization that is bridging the gap between communities and wildlife. The film RHINO MAN was the first project of Global Conservation Corps and was created to support the rangers protecting the rhino and to share their stories.

Rangers are the front line, the boots on the ground, protecting our diminishing population of rhino that deserve to be here but are being poached for their horn. These rangers put their lives on the line to protect the rhino. This is what makes a ranger so special and formidable. This is truly where passion meets purpose.

Full Interview:RHINO MAN The Movie

Blog: Trophy Hunting Kills One Animal Every Three Minutes

In a study posted last year, it was found that trophy hunters killed one animal every THREE minutes over the last decade.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported we have a decade left to help turn back the clock on preventing even larger scale climate disasters and rewilding of endangered species like the elephant and wolf can help promote healthier ecosystems which results in a healthier planet for you and me.

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Interview: Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Nicole chats with Nicole Schmitt, the Executive Director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance (AWA). Established in 1978, the AWA emerged as a dedicated advocate for Alaska's diverse wildlife, including marine mammals and endangered species. Guided by a profound understanding of the intrinsic value wildlife holds within ecosystems, as well as its significance to the people of Alaska, the AWA's mission is to ensure the preservation of wildlife biodiversity.

In recent times, the AWA has broadened its horizons by forging partnerships with other environmental organizations.

Full Interview:Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Interview: Chicagoland Pig Rescue

Growing up April and her husband Tyler dreamed of having a pet pig. After watching a video of a mother pig living in a horrific gestation crate, April knew in her heart she wanted to dedicate her life to rescuing and saving pigs and finding them their forever home. This was the impetus of Chicagoland Pig Rescue.

But April and Tyler aren’t stopping at rescuing pigs and finding them sanctuary placement. They are documenting the intricacies and rich inner worlds of pigs’ lives to raise awareness that pigs are highly intelligent and sentient and deserve more in life than to be treated as a commodity or pest.

Full Interview: Chicagoland Pig Rescue

Interview: Save the Frogs!

On this Wild For Change podcast, we speak with amphibian biologist Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder of Save the Frogs!

Save The Frogs! began in 2008 and works across the United States as well as around the world to prevent the extinction of amphibians and to create a better planet for humans and wildlife, while also empowering ordinary citizens to contribute to the betterment of the planet.

Full Interview:Save the Frogs!

About Nicole Rojas

About Wild For Change

Nicole Rojas is a passionate animal advocate and conservationist who has dedicated her life to being a voice for wildlife. She is the founder of Wild For Change, a platform that aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature and inspire positive change for the planet. She hosts the Wild For Change podcast, where she interviews gamechangers who are making a difference for animals and nature. Nicole has been involved in various campaigns and petitions to ban the sale and trade of wildlife parts, protect elephants in Botswana, and end trophy hunting imports of endangered species.

Nicole is a true animal lover who believes that all beings deserve respect and reverence. She is Wild For Change!

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