Chappy - orca

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DiedApril 1974
Kamogawa Sea World, Japan
Cause of deathPeriostitis
Captured atPenn Cove, Washington State
Capture ageApprox. 2 years
Capture dateAugust 8, 1970

On August 8, 1970, more than 80 orcas were captured in Penn Cove, making it one of the most notorious incidents of wild captures in history. Only a few orcas were retained, including a young male that would later be named Chappy.

Two of the captured orcas were eventually acquired by Kamogawa Sea World in Japan, which aimed to become the first park in the country to publicly exhibit orcas. These two orcas were Chappy and Jumbo, and they were relocated a month after their capture.

In April 1974, Chappy died as a result of periostitis, an inflammation affecting the lumbar bone.

Other orcas captured at Penn Cove August 8, 1970

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