Ramu IV - orca

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Ramu IV
BornApprox. 1968
DiedAugust 1971
Marineland, Australia
Captured atPenn Cove, Washington State
Capture ageApprox. 2 years
OriginWild born
Capture dateAugust 8, 1970

In one of history's most notorious captures, over 80 orcas were corralled into Penn Cove on August 8, 1970. Although only a few whales were kept, a young male named Ramu IV was among those taken into captivity.

While many of Ramu IV's companions were sent to marine parks in the United States, Europe, and Japan, he was uniquely destined for Australia. Originally intended to be a companion for Cuddles in the UK, it was later discovered that both were male, altering their plans.

Subsequently, Ramu IV was acquired by Marineland Australia, where he was meant to replace the park's previous captive orca, Ramu, who had passed away a few months earlier.

Unfortunately, in August 1971, Ramu IV died under circumstances that remain unknown.

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