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Nicole Schmitt, the Executive Director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance
Nicole Schmitt, the Executive Director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance  

Nicole chats with Nicole Schmitt, the Executive Director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance

May 29, 2023.

Established in 1978, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance (AWA) emerged as a dedicated advocate for Alaska's diverse wildlife, including marine mammals and endangered species. Guided by a profound understanding of the intrinsic value wildlife holds within ecosystems, as well as its significance to the people of Alaska, the AWA's mission is to ensure the preservation of wildlife biodiversity.

In recent times, the AWA has broadened its horizons by forging partnerships with other environmental organizations. Together, they engage in legal battles against the exploitation of public lands and waters in Alaska by extraction industries. Through litigation, they aim to safeguard the precious natural resources of the region.

On a personal level, Nicole Schmitt shares a unique connection with wildlife, shaped by her upbringing. Having grown up hunting alongside her father, she realized the importance of fostering relationships with animals based on respect, reciprocity, and humility, rather than entitlement or dominance. These core values form the foundation of her commitment to protecting the remarkable wildlife of Alaska.


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