Interview:Endangered Roar - The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers

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Endangered Roar - The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers
Endangered Roar - The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers

Dive into the urgent mission to rescue Sumatran tigers from the brink of extinction. With less than 400 remaining in the wild, these Critically Endangered creatures face dire threats such as habitat destruction, human-tiger conflicts, and ruthless poaching. Join us as we uncover the challenges and efforts to protect this iconic species in the Indonesian tiger's last stand.

Explore the world of wildlife conservation with Leif Cocks, founder of Wildlife Conservation International and International Tiger Project. Hear firsthand about his journey from Zookeeper to advocate for tigers and their habitats.

In this episode of The Rising Lioness on All About Animals Radio, we will uncover the threats facing Sumatran tigers and delve into the International Tiger Project's groundbreaking efforts to protect them. Discover the shocking reality of the illegal wildlife tiger trade and learn how we can all combat it together.


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