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Join the pride: inspiring conversations on The Rising Lioness with Erica Salvemini
The Rising Lioness Podcast
The Rising Lioness Podcast

About The Rising Lioness

Welcome to The Rising Lioness, a sanctuary for connection, insight, and meaningful action, deeply rooted in the ethos of animal advocacy. Led by Erica Salvemini and a diverse community of passionate voices, we explore the profound interplay between empathy, animal rights, and our interconnectedness with the natural world.

Our mission is passionately authentic, resonating with those who've weathered life's storms and emerged stronger. The Rising Lioness symbolizes resilience, inviting all who've faced adversity to find solace and inspiration here.

As stewards of change, we are committed to co-creating a world where compassion, harmony, and freedom from suffering are universal. Our topics span conservation, holistic wellness, and the intrinsic value of every living being.

Join the pride in this collective endeavor, where spirituality infuses everyday activism and where each voice contributes to the roar of positive change. Welcome to The Rising Lioness—where animal advocacy is not just a cause, but the heartbeat of our shared mission.

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From Court to Capitol: A Tale of Wolves, Wildlife, and Humanity's Ethos

In the heart of a nation grappling with its past and future, two contrasting narratives unfold: the rise of the Minnesota Timberwolves on the NBA court and the tumultuous tides of wildlife conservation and political controversy echoing through the halls of Congress.

Minnesota, historically the only state in the lower 48 states with free-roaming packs of timber wolves, grapples with the impact of wolves on its recent deer population. Debates attribute declining deer numbers to wolf predation, intensified by claims from hunters and politicians. However, data contradicts these assertions. While wolves influence deer populations, harsh winters emerge as the primary determinant of deer survival. Research by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources indicates that fawn density in wolf country has been increasing over the past decade.

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Congress Passes Bill to Expand Gray Wolf Hunting and Trapping: Advocates Rally for Conservation Efforts

USA: May 7, 2024 – Amidst heated debate, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted on a bill with profound implications for gray wolf conservation. Todd Richmond's Associated Press report reveals that the bill to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list across the lower 48 states has passed, igniting discussions on wildlife preservation.

Led by Rep. Lauren Boebert, Congress deliberated on HR 764, signaling potential shifts in gray wolf management strategies nationwide. The bill's passage raises concerns over the future of gray wolves, with fears of widespread hunting and trapping echoing broader conflicts within environmental policy.

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Shark Conservation with Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich

Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich, a transdisciplinary human-shark researcher and artist, shares his insights and experiences regarding shark conservation, human-shark conflict, and multispecies ethnography.

Discover the pioneering work of Raj as he discusses the establishment of the Transdisciplinary Human Shark Lab in Kolkata, India, and his tireless efforts to promote a holistic approach to shark research worldwide. From the Sundarbans to the shores of New Zealand, Raj research delves into the depths of human perception, advocating for interdisciplinary collaboration and cultural sensitivity in conservation efforts.

Full interview - Shark Conservation with Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich

Rescue Spot with Nicole Patrick

Rescue Spot, a technology-driven platform founded by actress-turned-social-entrepreneur Nicole Patrick, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the pet adoption process. In an interview on The Rising Lioness podcast hosted by Erica Salvemini, Nicole discusses her journey from Hollywood to animal welfare. Nicole's non-profit, Chic Chien Chateau, focuses on relocating pets from impoverished areas to affluent ones, saving dogs with life-threatening illnesses.

The interview delves into Rescue Spot's development and its impact on streamlining adoption for both adopters and rescue organizations.

Full interview - Rescue Spot with Nicole Patrick

Interview: Interview: The Art of Animal Advocacy with Kenda Francis

Kenda Francis is a passionate animal advocate and artist who combines her love for animals and art to support animal welfare and wildlife foundations. She creates vibrant and expressive paintings that tell the stories of animals and their struggles. Kenda's dedication extends to organizing events that blend art, animals, and education to make a significant impact on both animals and the environment. She has also traveled to South Africa to witness firsthand the conservation efforts and meet important figures in the field.

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Interview: Advocating for Animals: How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer

Advocating for Animals: How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer
Advocating for Animals: How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer

Welcome to a special episode of the Rising Lioness podcast, where hearts, minds, and souls unite for animal rights and a harmonious world. Host Erica Salvemini is joined by dedicated advocate Debbie Dahmer, also known as "Mama Bear," who has been a voice for the voiceless since 2008. Together, they discuss Debbie's journey, shaped by social media advocacy and podcasting, as well as her passion for animals and the transformative power of the online community.

Debbie emphasizes the importance of taking action, sharing her experience of transitioning from personal social media posts to advocacy-focused content.

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Interview: Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe

Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe
Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe

Devan Schowe, a campaign's associate for Born Free USA delves into the "Oceans Away from Home" report, which highlights the suffering of fish in captivity. Fish often face challenges that parallel those of larger, more commonly studied captive animals. Additionally, the rising surge of octopus farming in Spain, raises ethical concerns due to the remarkable intelligence of these creatures.

Join us in this conversation, challenging our perspectives on animal treatment and advocating for a more compassionate approach to their well-being.

Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe - Born Free USA

Interview: Interview: Compassionate Pet Care - How Do We Get There

Animal Care Entrepreneur Erica Salvemini Discusses Compassion-Driven Success
Animal Care Entrepreneur Erica Salvemini Discusses Compassion-Driven Success

Erica Salvemini shares her journey as a compassionate companion animal care provider and successful entrepreneur, shedding light on the challenges and impact she has had on animal welfare.

Erica, a master reiki practitioner and the founder of Just for Paws Spa and Academy, embarked on her career nearly two decades ago. Erica discusses her evolution from a software marketing director to a devoted animal care provider.

Erica's passion for animals dates back to her childhood, when she rescued wounded animals and organized bake sales for Greenpeace, indicative of her lifelong love for animals.

Interview: Compassionate Pet Care - How Do We Get There

Interview: Endangered Roar - The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers

Endangered Roar - The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers
Endangered Roar - The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers

Dive into the urgent mission to rescue Sumatran tigers from the brink of extinction. With less than 400 remaining in the wild, these Critically Endangered creatures face dire threats such as habitat destruction, human-tiger conflicts, and ruthless poaching. Join us as we uncover the challenges and efforts to protect this iconic species in the Indonesian tiger's last stand.

Explore the world of wildlife conservation with Leif Cocks, founder of Wildlife Conservation International and International Tiger Project. Hear firsthand about his journey from Zookeeper to advocate for tigers and their habitats.

Full Interview:Leif Cocks

Interview: Exposé - Dark Secrets from inside the Dolphin Entertainment Industry

The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy
The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy

In an exclusive two-part episode of "The Rising Lioness" podcast, renowned ex-dolphin trainer David Holroyd shares his shocking journey from fame and fortune to becoming a whistleblower in the UK's dolphin entertainment industry. David and Tracey, co-authors of "The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy," reveal the grim reality behind the scenes of a profit-driven industry, shedding light on the exploitation of dolphins and cetaceans.

Holroyd, once Europe's top dolphin trainer, exposes the cruelty and mistreatment of these creatures as mere commodities. "The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy" offers a unique perspective by narrating the story through the eyes of these remarkable animals, aiming to raise awareness and advocate against animal exploitation and cruelty.

Full Interview:David and Tracey Holroyd

Interview: Born Free USA on Recreational Animal Slaughter in the U.S. with Devan Schowe

Devan Schowe, Campaigns Associate for Born Free USA, sheds light on their new report, Thrill Kill: Recreational Animal Slaughter in the U.S., released in May 2023. Born Free USA’s investigative research explores the dark world of animal slaughter in the name of entertainment, where across the U.S., animals are slaughtered for fun in killing contests, canned hunts, fringe youth group activities and other events.

Devin also discusses her journey into animal advocacy, her work in researching and writing reports on wildlife trade, fur trade, and social media's impact on animals.

Full Interview:Devan Schowe

Interview: Dr Cheryl Laite - The Maverick Vet

Dr. Cheryl Laite, known as The Maverick Vet, shares a transformative experience on The Wildlife Guardians podcast. She recounts her time with Sudan, the last Northern White Rhino, just before the species became extinct. This encounter changed her perspective on wildlife conservation and life itself.

Cheryl's encounter with Sudan led her to engage in various wildlife rescue and conservation projects, including assisting at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in Africa and aiding in Australia's bushfire crisis. Her dedication even involves extreme actions like skydiving for conservation fundraising. Hosted by Jeff Harrison and Erica Salvemini, this emotionally charged episode of The Wildlife Guardians delves into Cheryl's inspiring journey.

Full Interview:Dr Cheryl Laite

Interview: The Black Mambas with Craig Spencer and Leitah Mkhabela

Erica Salvemeni chats with Craig Spencer and Leitah Mkhabela, part of the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa. Craig Spencer is the executive director of Trans-Frontier Africa and founder of the Black Mambas, while Leitah Mkhabela is a supervisor and ambassador for the all-female anti-poaching unit. The Black Mambas initiative, started in 2013, employs 36 women from local tribal communities to protect wildlife, particularly rhinos, from poaching. Craig Spencer's motivation to create the Black Mambas came after losing rhinos to poaching, realizing the need for a different approach to conservation

Full Interview:The Black Mambas