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Exposé - Dark Secrets from inside the Dolphin Entertainment Industry

In an exclusive two-part episode of "The Rising Lioness" podcast, renowned ex-dolphin trainer David Holroyd (aka David Capello) shares his shocking journey from fame and fortune to becoming a whistleblower in the UK's dolphin entertainment industry. David and Tracy Holroyd, co-authors of "The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy", reveal the grim reality behind the scenes of a profit-driven industry, shedding light on the exploitation of dolphins and cetaceans.

David Holroyd, once Europe's top dolphin trainer, exposes the cruelty and mistreatment of these creatures as mere commodities. "The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy" book series offers a unique perspective by narrating the story through the eyes of these remarkable animals, aiming to raise awareness and advocate against animal exploitation and cruelty.

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