Interview:Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe - Born Free USA

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Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe - Born Free USA

Devan Schowe, a campaign's associate for Born Free USA delves into the "Oceans Away from Home" report, which highlights the suffering of fish in captivity. Fish often face challenges that parallel those of larger, more commonly studied captive animals.

This report emphasizes the challenges these aquatic creatures encounter, including compromised welfare and limited opportunities for species-specific behaviors. A research bias further sidelines fish, underscoring the need to value all animals, irrespective of their similarities or differences from humans.

Additionally, the rising surge of octopus farming in Spain, raises ethical concerns due to the remarkable intelligence of these creatures. Octopus farming subjects highly intelligent and solitary beings to stressful and unnatural conditions, posing ethical and ecological dilemmas. This industry's potential consequences for octopus populations, marine ecosystems, and animal welfare are of great concern, especially given the absence of protective regulations within the European Union.

Furthermore, our discussion uncovers "The Lies Zoos Tell," highlighting the lack of care for animals in some of these facilities. Even accredited zoos, striving to replicate natural habitats, often fall short in providing essential elements for animal well-being. This prompts a critical question: Is keeping animals captive in zoos justifiable?

Join us in this conversation, challenging our perspectives on animal treatment and advocating for a more compassionate approach to their well-being.



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