Kenny - orca

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SpeciesOrcinus orca
DiedMay 20, 1972
Marineland of the Pacific
Cause of deathPneumonia
Captured atPender Harbor, British Columbia, Canada
Capture ageApprox. 2 Years
Age at deathApprox. 7 Years
Capture dateDecember 12, 1969

Kenny was a male orca who was captured in Canada on December 12, 1969.

On December 12, 1969, a group of 12 orcas was captured in Pender Harbor. Out of these, 6 whales were kept in captivity, while the remaining 6 were set free.

Marineland of the Pacific purchased three of the whales, who soon joined the resident whales Corky and Orky II at the park. The newly acquired whales were named Corky II, Patches, and Kenny.

In order to accommodate the new arrivals, a small show pool was constructed. The pool could only house 3 orcas, so Kenny was kept in the old tank. Kenny was used in the movies "A Whale of a Tale," portraying a character named "Corky."

On May 20, 1972, Kenny died due to pneumonia.

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