Patches - orca

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DiedAugust 1971
Marineland of the Pacific
Cause of deathMediastinal abscess and salmonellosis
Captured atPender Harbor, British Columbia, Canada
Capture ageApprox. 2 Years
Age at deathApprox. 8 Years
Capture dateDecember 12, 1969

On December 12, 1969, a group of 12 orcas was captured in Pender Harbor. Out of the 12, 6 orcas were kept in captivity, while the remaining 6 were released back into the wild.

Among the captured orcas, the smallest one named Patches was relocated to Marineland of the Pacific along with Corky II and Kenny. The park already housed two performing orcas, Corky and Orky II. Patches was soon introduced to the show pool and joined Corky and Orky II in their performances.

Following the death of Corky in December 1970, Corky II took its place and all the orcas exhibited a harmonious relationship.

In August 1971, Patches died due to a mediastinal abscess, an infection in the area between the lungs, as well as salmonellosis, which is caused by salmonella bacteria.

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