List of deceased captive elephants

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This is a list of elephants that have died in captivity.

2023 Captive elephant deaths

Name Species Sex Date of death Location of death Country Cause of death Age (Date of Birth)
Unknown Asian Jan Kaebai Meechai Elephant Camp Thailand Died after eating bananas treated with ethylene gas
Lalitha Asian Jan Muthumariamman Temple India While the elephant was unloaded from a vehicle, it fell down and sustained injuries.
Unnamed Asian Jan 15 Zurich Zoo Germany Undeveloped / weakness
Jewel Asian Jan 15 Los Angeles Zoo USA Euthanized due to declining health 61
Sandrine Asian Mar 3 Givskud Zoo Denmark Euthanized - "disease-related" 57
Medu Asian Mar 3 Givskud Zoo Denmark Euthanized - "because she should not be alone in the facility" [after Sandrine was euthanized - see above]
Mary Asian Female May 2 San Diego Zoo USA
Ajabu African May 9 Dallas Zoo USA Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 7 [1]
Nicole Apr 20 Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary USA
Noor Jehan African Female Apr 22 Karachi Zoological Garden Pakistan
Balarama Asian Male May 7 Bheemanakatte camp of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve India
Malaika African Female May 15 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo USA Euthanized 37
Siam Asian Female Jun11 Elephant Nature Park Thailand
Daisy Asian Female Jun 14 Wildlife SOS
Radza Junior Asian Male Jun 20 Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen Netherlands Died during anesthesia [2]
Fitz Jul 1 Louisville Zoo USA Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 3 [3]
Baby Jul 13 Baby et Népal Association [4]
Willy Jul 19 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo USA Euthanised 44
Sayun Asian Aug 6 Pairi Daiza Zoo Belgium Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 3 [5]
Lou Aug 15 Myakka Elephant Ranch USA [6]
Man Jai Male Aug 24 Melbourne Zoo Australia Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 9
Rani Female St Louis Zoo 27 (Jul 5, 1996)

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