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Marineland, officially known as Marineland of Canada Inc., is a themed zoo and amusement park located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It houses dolphins, sea lions, and beluga whales. Until 2023, the park also kept walruses and orcas. The park was founded by John Holer in 1961 and is now operated by his family. The park’s practice of keeping marine mammals has been controversial and has led to several lawsuits.

Marineland has been embroiled in several controversies, primarily related to the treatment of its animals. Here are some key points:

  1. Animal Cruelty Allegations: Marineland has faced numerous allegations of animal cruelty.[1][2][3] In March 2024, the park was reportedly found guilty of animal cruelty charges. Earlier, in 2016 and 2017, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) charged Marineland with multiple counts of animal cruelty due to the improper care of various animals.[4] However, these charges were later dropped.[2]
  2. Treatment of Kiska, the Orca: Marineland faced a legal complaint about the treatment of Kiska, an orca referred to as 'the world’s loneliest orca’.[1] Videos appeared to show Kiska floating listlessly and moving slowly.[1] Animal Justice, an animal law non-profit group, called on the Ontario government to investigate Marineland’s treatment of Kiska.[1]

Ongoing investigations

  1. Ontario’s Animal Welfare Services Investigation: Ontario’s Animal Welfare Services has been investigating Marineland since 2020.[3] The investigation was initiated due to concerns about the park’s water quality and the welfare of its marine mammals.[5] The inspectors have visited the park at least 160 times.[5]
  2. Investigation into Beluga Deaths: Two more beluga whales died at Marineland in March 2024, bringing the total number of whale deaths since 2019 to 17.[3] The cause of death was reported as torsion, or twisting of the stomach.[3] The Ministry of the Solicitor General, the government body responsible for animal welfare, has been made aware of these deaths.[3]
  3. U.S. Government Investigation: The U.S. government launched an investigation after the death of two beluga whales at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.[3] These belugas were among five sold by Marineland to the U.S. facility.[3]

Animal deaths at Marineland Canada

Beluga whale deaths

Name Sex Date of birth Origin Captive from / DoB Date of death Age at death Cause of death
Dee August 2000
Sasha Captive born (Marineland Canada) October 10, 2011
Skoot 9 months Injuries sustained after a two-hour attack by two adult males in a shared tank[6]

Dolphin deaths at Marineland Canada

Name Sex Date of birth Origin Captive from / DoB Date of death Age at death Cause of death

Orca deaths at Marineland Canada

Orca Name Sex Date of birth Origin Captive from / DoB Date of death Age at death Cause of death
Kiska Female Wild born October 1979 March 10, 2023 Bacterial infection
Algonquin Male Dec 18, 1999 Captive born Dec 18, 1999 Aug 13, 2002 2 Twisted Intestine
April Female Jul 4, 2004 Captive born Jul 4, 2004 May 2004 24 days ~ Malnutrition
Athena Female Aug 8, 2004 Captive born Aug 8, 2004 Apr 2009 4 Unknown
Hudson Male 09/15/1998 Captive born Sep 15, 1998 Oct 20, 2004 6 Meningitis
Junior Female 1982 Wild born Nov 1984 Jun 1994 12 Brain Damage
Kandu II Male 1968 Wild born Aug 1971 Oct 1979 11 Pneumonia
Kandu VII Male 1978 Wild born Nov 1984 Dec 21, 2005 27 Cancer
Kandy Female 1959 Wild born Aug 1973 Nov 16, 1973 14 Acute Pneumonia
Kanuck Male Aug 28, 1994 Captive born Aug 28, 1994 3 Traumatic Shock
Kiska's Calf (No Name) Male 08/24/1992 Captive born Aug 24, 1992 Oct 25, 1992 61 days Drowning
Malik (EDay) Female 04/21/1996 Captive born Apr 21, 1996 Mar 4, 2000 3 Immune System Deficiency
Neocia (Baby October) Female 10/21/1992 Captive born Oct 21, 1992 Aug 01, 2004 11 Internal Infection
No Name Female 1977 Wild born Nov 1979 Jan 1980 3 Acute Enterotoxaemia
No Name Female Wild born 11/1981 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nootka V Female 1976 Wild born 11/1981 01/08/2008 32 Unknown
Nootka V's Calf (No Name) Female 05/27/1998 Captive born 05/27/1998 06/07/1998 10 days Unknown
Nova Male 11/06/1996 Captive born 11/06/1996 08/20/2001 4 Pneumonia. Starvation

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