The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary, located in Hohenwald, Tennessee, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and healthy haven for retired elephants. The sanctuary was founded in 1995 by Carol Buckley who recognized the need for a sanctuary that could offer zoo and circus elephants the care and space they need.

Elephants at The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary

  • Artie from Hawthorn Circus
  • Billie from North Carolina Zoo
  • Debbie from Hawthorn Circus
  • Flora from Zoo Miami
  • Jana from Zoo Knoxville
  • Minnie from Hawthorn Circus
  • Nicole from San Antonio Zoo
  • Nosey from Liebling Brothers Circus
  • Ronnie from Hawthorn Circus
  • Sissy from Chehaw Wild Animal Park
  • Sukari from Nashville Zoo
  • Tange form Chehaw Wild Animal Park
  • Edie from Zoo Knoxville[1]

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