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The TreeSpirit Project is an environmental art project that began in 2004. It was founded by photographer Jack Gescheidt and has since involved thousands of participants. The project aims to raise awareness of the critical role of trees in our lives, both globally and personally.

The mission of the TreeSpirit Project is to:

  • Raise awareness of the critical role of trees and forests in our lives, especially in this era of anthropogenic global warming.
  • Spread appreciation and love for trees and forests everywhere with art, advocacy, and activism.
  • Encourage people’s sensory, emotional, and spiritual connection to trees and nature.
  • Inspire people to express their own unique experiences and feelings for trees and the natural world.

The project uses photography as a medium to capture the connection between humans and trees. The experiences people have making TreeSpirit photographs are often fun, adventurous, therapeutic, joyous, and occasionally healing. The project has a larger purpose with environmental, social, emotional, and spiritual impact.

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