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David with his Atlantean princess, Duchess
David with his Atlantean princess, Duchess.

David C Holroyd (aka David Capello) is a former UK dolphin trainer from the early 1970s, who, in later life, wrote the award-winning, whistle-blowing book series, The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy, with the help of his sister, Tracy J Holroyd.

During his relatively short time working with dolphins, David's mind-training technique changed the way many viewed dolphins and whales. His extraordinary ability to create a connection with his beloved Atlanteans eventually earned him the handle 'the psychic trainer'. But his God-given gifts inevitably brought him into open conflict with those who controlled the captive cetacean industry - a clash that exacted a heavy toll.

Though exceptionally talented, David became a troubled young man; a man who, in later years, chose to hide himself away rather than face his demons ... until he re-emerged to write The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy. David's fascinating story is a warts-and-all exposé that will haunt the reader for all time ... A story that had to be told.

The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy books against a background of blue waves.
The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy Book Series.

David was only 17 years old when Entam Leisure (a subsidiary of Trusthouse Forte) employed him as a dolphin presenter. His natural talent and uncanny understanding of cetaceans quickly elevated him to the position of trainer, and he took charge of his own dolphinarium at Knowsley Safari Park within a few short months.


  • Trained infant Baby and blind Scouse to become one of the UK’s top dolphin teams.
  • Trained Duchess and Herb’e, more affectionately known as The Perfect Pair, viewed by many as Europe’s top dolphin team.
  • First trainer to train the Shadow Ballet somersault routine (double-back somersault, double-forward somersault, double body spins).
  • Troubleshooter and top dolphin hand-catcher for Entam Leisure's pools.
  • Performed Knowsley Safari Park’s premier dolphin show with a young Duchess and Herb’e.
  • Performed Woburn Abbey’s premier dolphin show with Bonnie and Clyde, former inmates of London Dolphinarium.
  • Performed the private royal show at Woburn Abbey Dolphinarium for the Duke of Bedford, esteemed guests and selected members of the press.
  • Eventually became Entam Leisure's head trainer, managing the dolphin training programmes for Knowsley Safari Park, Woburn Abbey and Rhyl dolphinaria.
  • Offered the training of Europe’s only orca of that time, Ramu III, by Gary Smart of Windsor Safari Park.
Duchess and Herb'e performing their double-back somersault.
Duchess and Herb'e's Double-Back Somersault.

Recognised as one of Europe's top trainers, David abruptly left the captive cetacean industry following the death of his beloved Herb'e. Vowing never to return, he moved back to his roots working with his father, Ron Holroyd, as a signwriter and illustrator.

His first book, The Perfect Pair: The Enchanted Mirror, was released in September 2012. It became a core text for the University of Salford's BA(Hons) degree in English and Creative Writing. Later, it was nominated for the People's Book Prize 2013 and won Bronze for non-fiction in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2013. An extract from the book - Deliver Us From Bobby! - also won first prize in a prestigious Manchester Evening News literary competition.

The second book in The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy, The Perfect Pair: The Mirror Cracks, was released in January 2014 to rave reviews. It was also praised for David's innovative artwork.

The third and final book of the trilogy was hailed by many as the biggest exposé ever to hit the captive cetacean industry. The Perfect Pair: Shards from the Mirror is not only ground-breaking in its writing, but explosive in its revelations.

David's story is currently part of a museum exhibition, Faces of South Elmsall by Jonathan Straight.

David is now committed to educating the public about the horrors of the captive cetacean industry. He has also coined the term 'Atlanteans' to describe cetaceans, whom he believes should be re-classified globally as non-human persons - the people of the sea. David C Holroyd, aka David Capello, has fast become a ceta activist to be reckoned with.

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